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Setting Up A Good Criminal Defense –Step One

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Setting Up A Good Criminal Defense –Step One

If you are threatened by jail time or a serious criminal penalty, it is of the utmost importance for your own interest to find a good criminal defense lawyer, actually, the best possible one. This way you will at least, have a chance to have your sentence reduced to a minimum. Of course, if your income status allows, you will be provided with a court-appointed lawyer.
Regardless of this, self-representation should be something you should not even think about.

The reasons are simple: the design of the legal system is such that a good IQ

a bunch of diplomas on your wall and a superb general education are not even closely going to help you with your case. It is almost impossible to represent yourself in front of a court of law in a criminal trial, at least not in a competent manner.

One advantage criminal defense attorneys have, which you do not, is courtroom experience and the actual practice of law, and practice and theory are two completely different things.

Criminal defense attorney, especially ones from New York and Westchester county, are trained professionals with a set of skills that allow them to present each criminal case, no matter how common the case may seem, as a unique one. This ensures that special arguments can be presented and this might lead to mitigation or even negation of crime.

Once you have dealt with this necessity, and a good criminal defense attorney is definitely a necessity in a criminal proceeding, you will need to get to know your attorney on a more personal level, which will also be a necessity since an attorney will be more than a legal assistant and representative.
An attorney is a confident, a psychologist, a financial adviser, an investigator,  and so much more.And the best possible option is definitely a we thought about this.

Marriage Annulment In California – Legal Reasons

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Marriage Annulment In California – Legal Reasons

California’s legal system, just like in all other states in the United States of America, knows the institution of marriage annulment. Whether you live in the north of the State in San Francisco, the south in San Diego, or you and your spouse decided to live in the central region of California, in Fresno for example, once you decide to declare your marriage annulled, you will be able to do so if these facts exist. read more can also give you all the answers and remove your doubts.

Your marriage will never be legally valid if it is incestous – meaning that the marriage or a domestic partnership will be automatically invalid in front of the law since the people who are comprised in the marriage are close blood relatives.

Also, the marriage will be legally invalid if it is bigamous, which means it will be annulled if one of the spouses or domestic partners is already married to someone else.

There are reasons for annulment which can exist, but do not have to lead to annulment in every case, meaning that a marriage can be declared invalid, but can also be legal. First of such reasons concerns the age of the partners at the time of marriage or domestic partnership.


If one of them were, at the time, younger than 18, an annulment can be demanded. Next, if the spouse or domestic partner was not with the family for 5 years or if it is suspected that was not alive, and had an existing marriage or domestic partnership from before, the new marriage can be annuled. This differs from bigamy, which is automatically invalid.

Unsound mind is also a case the law recognizes. If one of the parties or domestic parties acted with an „unsound mind“ or was, at the time, not able to see the meaning of the marriage or domestic partnership, especially the responsibilities it brings, the marriage can be annuled.

Next is fraud. If one of the parties acted under the false impression that certain vital facts about the relationship (facts that directly affect the decision to step into marriage) do not exist, the marriage can be annuled.

Of course, same thing applies to force. In the end, physical incapacitation to „consume“ the relationship, if the incapacity is „incurable“ is also a legally recognized reason for a marriage to be annuled.



Forms Of Child Custody

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Forms Of Child Custody

One of the toughest challenges for a lawyer is a child custody case. Deciding how custody is to be organized is also a very specific and difficult task for a judge, too, even in the town of Long Beach. There are several possible resolutions of this problem the law recognizes and these are:


Alternating custody – in this case, the child/children reside with one of the parents for an specific, usually extended period of time and then are transferred to the other parent for an alternate period of time. The parent that holds custody at the moment also holds temporary authority and responsibility for the child/children.

Sometimes this compromise is called divided custody.

Shared custody, on the other hand, allows the parents (both of them at the same time) to hold authority and responsibility over the children, while children, just like in the case of alternating custody, spend extended periods of time with one, and then with the other parent.

A specific type is also Bird’s nest custody. It is a rarer type of custody which places the burden of moving and changing residences on the parents, rather then children. The parents are the ones who move back and forth from one residence to another, while the children keep a permanent place of living.

Joint custody allows the parents to both keep legal and physical custody at the same time.

Sole custody is the case when the complete authority and responsibility concerning a child or children is given to just one of the parents, who is then said to enjoy complete physical and legal custody.

One more type is Split custody. This legal situation refers to the case when one of the parents is given full time custody of one or some of the children and the other parent enjoys custody of the other child or children.

Third party custody is the case when the child is given to a third person and not the biological parents. navigate to this web-site is there to help you to solve any kind of problems.


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