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Forms Of Child Custody

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 by in Custody |

One of the toughest challenges for a lawyer is a child custody case. Deciding how custody is to be organized is also a very specific and difficult task for a judge, too, even in the town of Long Beach. There are several possible resolutions of this problem the law recognizes and these are:


Alternating custody – in this case, the child/children reside with one of the parents for an specific, usually extended period of time and then are transferred to the other parent for an alternate period of time. The parent that holds custody at the moment also holds temporary authority and responsibility for the child/children.

Sometimes this compromise is called divided custody.

Shared custody, on the other hand, allows the parents (both of them at the same time) to hold authority and responsibility over the children, while children, just like in the case of alternating custody, spend extended periods of time with one, and then with the other parent.

A specific type is also Bird’s nest custody. It is a rarer type of custody which places the burden of moving and changing residences on the parents, rather then children. The parents are the ones who move back and forth from one residence to another, while the children keep a permanent place of living.

Joint custody allows the parents to both keep legal and physical custody at the same time.

Sole custody is the case when the complete authority and responsibility concerning a child or children is given to just one of the parents, who is then said to enjoy complete physical and legal custody.

One more type is Split custody. This legal situation refers to the case when one of the parents is given full time custody of one or some of the children and the other parent enjoys custody of the other child or children.

Third party custody is the case when the child is given to a third person and not the biological parents. navigate to this web-site is there to help you to solve any kind of problems.


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