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Setting Up A Good Criminal Defense –Step One

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 by in Annulment, Defense |

If you are threatened by jail time or a serious criminal penalty, it is of the utmost importance for your own interest to find a good criminal defense lawyer, actually, the best possible one. This way you will at least, have a chance to have your sentence reduced to a minimum. Of course, if your income status allows, you will be provided with a court-appointed lawyer.
Regardless of this, self-representation should be something you should not even think about.

The reasons are simple: the design of the legal system is such that a good IQ

a bunch of diplomas on your wall and a superb general education are not even closely going to help you with your case. It is almost impossible to represent yourself in front of a court of law in a criminal trial, at least not in a competent manner.

One advantage criminal defense attorneys have, which you do not, is courtroom experience and the actual practice of law, and practice and theory are two completely different things.

Criminal defense attorney, especially ones from New York and Westchester county, are trained professionals with a set of skills that allow them to present each criminal case, no matter how common the case may seem, as a unique one. This ensures that special arguments can be presented and this might lead to mitigation or even negation of crime.

Once you have dealt with this necessity, and a good criminal defense attorney is definitely a necessity in a criminal proceeding, you will need to get to know your attorney on a more personal level, which will also be a necessity since an attorney will be more than a legal assistant and representative.
An attorney is a confident, a psychologist, a financial adviser, an investigator,  and so much more.And the best possible option is definitely a we thought about this.

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